About citadel Maldives

Citadel, is a private limited company registered on 2007, in the Republic of Maldives.

The primary objective of Citadel is to provide professional assistance through expertise advice, in the supply of resort and hotel equipment and various other products to the fast growing tourism industry.

This objective is achieved through dedication to constant product knowledge training, close manufacturer and supplier relations, on-time after sales services, and above all honest face-to-face customer relations.

To ensure our customers are provided with reliable and durable products, Citadel continuously researches the supply markets to find the most appropriate product for the Maldives environment. Furthermore, we also believe in working directly with the manufacturers, to cut-off the middle men, so that our clientele get the best value for their investments.

In doing so, we have a good selection of a wide range of products which we are proud to represent in the Maldives. Most of these products are at the top of their market range and often lead in their particular specialty.

Today Citadel represents more than 20 of these companies such as Segafredo of Italy, Roller Grill of France, In-sink-erator of USA, Animo of Netherlands, Villeroy & Boch of Germany, to name just a few with direct distributor agreements.  On top of these, we also work closely with sub-agreements for another 20 or more companies to provide even a broader range of products.

Although small, Citadel comprises of a very competent team of dedicated, motivated and professional individuals. This team brings unmatched experiences in hospitality and tourism industry. In addition, in search of excellence, Citadel also closely works with professional consultants who are highly regarded in their fields of expertise.

Our dedicated showroom “Citadel Hospitality” is located at the Trade Centre situated in the heart of the capital city. This is also where you can meet our team of experts should you need any advice for your current or future projects.